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Understanding and assessing the reliability of memory evidence from children

What's the study about?

How is the study conducted?

What happens if I take part?

Children often witness or are victims of crimes, and so can provide crucial details. Children are often believed to unreliable witnesses. Yet, a new body of research has challenged previous beliefs, by providing evidence that young children can assess their own memory accuracy because they know when their memories are accurate or not. In this study, we are recruiting children aged 6 and 7 to examine which behaviours can tell us more about the accuracy of children’s memory monitoring.

The study will be conducted via webcam with you and your child. A researcher will explain the tasks step-by-step and record the session. The study will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes, but we will take breaks where your child needs them. Children tell us that the study is fun!

We'd love to hear your input on our work!

As a thank you for your time, we will provide your child with a fun certificate, and an Amazon voucher for £10.

I'm interested!

To find out more information, or schedule a time to take part, please email Madeleine Ingham at

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Recruitment for this study has now finished

Thank you for your interest and to all who took part!

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